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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hope springs eternal in Gotham and the world

May we learn something from the Dark Knight's rising.
Photo: Warner Bros.

Hi folks, it's been a while but I'm back. After a month of tech blogging and subsequently having that blog temporarily suspend certain activities therein, I now have more time for you.

A lot has happened in the past week or so. I've ended one job temporarily, applied to others, almost gotten hired by another blog only to be beaten to the punch, or the keyboard (during a power outage at my house mind you) by an earlier submission. Thems is the breaks I guess. I was luckily able to ask if any other positions were available and I was told that something would be opening up in about a month—fingers crossed.

As for disability and inspiration, the former hasn't been so much a factor, and truth be told, I haven't even seen the latest episode of Push Girls. But alas, I roll on into the Great Unknown with hope, perseverance and the occasional Subway sandwich to reinvigorate my soul's quest to conquer and triumph over perilous foes and in the process get jobs blogging, writing, editing, tweeting and creating as per the world's various needs while attempting to do it all with a smile upon my visage (also known as my face).

Also, I would be remiss in not mentioning the Colorado movie theater tragedy and the horrible reality of people who just wanted to watch a movie being hurt or killed in their simple effort to escape into a world of comic book heroes and mythical storytelling. However, it does make me value every breath I take all the more and I would hope that it has done the same for you as you go to work, eat dinner with your family or watch a movie with your friends. Life is just that fragile and precious and we should all be so fortunate to know this so that we might make the most of each experience no matter how small.

So with that I leave you with a hopeful message to continue to visit this blog while also enjoying life's simple and complex times with a greater vigor and verve and a smile whenever possible!

Roll on like Batman!

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