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Wednesday, September 12, 2012 calls out ESPN on its lack of Paralympics coverage

The Paralympic Games of 2012 have been going on in London since August 29, but judging from the media coverage or more precisely, the lack of it, no one in the US would know that. While this kind of omission is not uncommon for unpopular topics in news, it is however a little glaring. Yet, honestly, I can't say I'm surprised any more than I would be at America's lack of interest in UK cricket. There's no reference point and no public outcry amid the home runs from early September Major League Baseball and touchdowns of the first few weeks of NFL football.

The following piece from takes a stance of inexcusablity toward ESPN, its affiliates and subsequent sponsor relationships therein.  The piece points to the usual inspirational go-tos: indomitable spirit, the triumph of the will over the hardships of the flesh and body, etc. But  as someone who has competed in similar games and as your wheelchair philosopher, I ask that you reserve your judgment until after you read the article below.

Like the Paralympics' wheelchair events... roll on!

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