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Friday, October 26, 2012

Where do ideas really come from?

For sure, the idea is not singular, it is networked. Rather, the first idea is ill-formed and the complete idea is fully formed by the network. But the temporary ownership of the idea is essential for the idea to take hold in the world. This reinforces the idea of the narrators: people who can connect and explain the idea and communicate more or less exactly the idea as far as it can be understood by those taking an interest. In this way, the idea can take hold. -Tim Greenhalgh, YouTube user comment 

Steve Johnson takes some time in this TED talk to analyze, scrutinize and utterly break apart the notion of an idea as a single moment in time: a "eureka," a "lightbulb" or any number of terms used to suggest a singularity in concept of any particular idea. Rather Johnson argues for networked creativity wherein one idea might be borrowing from another and groups in the same way, might be cross-pollinating, if you will, with other groups.

This blog, while sometimes strong in its advocacy and championing of those with disabilities, is ultimately about championing difference as a form of unique contribution to the world and its various cultures. This video exemplifies that particular aim.

Roll on!

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