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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

December is Reblog Rerun Month at The Wheelchair Philosopher

A Hiatus to Boost this Blog's Status... Wocka, Wocka

Yes, ladies and gentlemen and small, fun-sized children with giant intellects.... This December is Reblog Rerun Month here at The Wheelchair Philosopher! What this means, folks, is that I have decided to pursue the rebuilding of this blog with a sort of month-long best of in hopes of gaining greater readership by taking more time to interact with other bloggers. Smart you say? Yep! 'Tis quite.

So I implore you in the least annoying of ways to getcha read on and pass this blog along to friends, family, countrymen and general people of Earth and other carbon-based life forms who dig a good blog post. Until that time, I'll be on a blog writing sabbatical in pursuit of R and R and another R for revenue for this blog.

Reblog Rerun Month is all December here at The Wheelchair Philosopher! :

Happy Holidays and as always... roll on... with cheer!

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