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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Peter Diamandis speaks on why the world may not be going to the dumps after all

What does the word "opportunity" really mean to you? What is abundance? We hear through the media and broadcast news that the world we live in every day is filled with conflict, economic uncertainty, drugs, poverty. But is it? Is for instance MTV's Jersey Shore the hallmark of a generation of slackers?

In the following TED Talk, speaker Paul Diamandis compares and and more notably, contrasts, the world we live in today with the societies and eras of years gone by. He points to the proliferation of technologies that exist today in even the most impoverished nations--nations in which people who may make 100 times less in pay in U.S. Dollars than the person reading this blog, but nonetheless have running water, indoor plumbing, cell phones and computers. We, in all actuality, live in a world that is more literate, has more resources and has more economic growth than ever before in its history.

Until next time, be part of the solution and as always... roll on!

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