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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Art teacher Abby Escobal explains how to inspire creative confidence

My original digital painting Colour de Noise, 2005

Today, I wanted to re-address the issue of "creative confidence" which I addressed in my previous post about my 10th grade Studio Art teacher Ms. Wheeler. (Read that post here). This very well articulated post by artist and educator Abby Escobal on her WordPress blog explains the concept likely far better than I would. Her recent post on David Kelley's TED Talk on how to build creative confidence in both children and adults as told from Abby's perspective as an art teacher is quite inspiring!

So I encourage you to read it, enjoy it, be inspired and of course, roll on!

Read Abby Escobal's blog post at the link below: 

Building Creative Confidence: Thoughts on David Kelley’s TED Talk

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