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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Watch Dr. Wayne Dyer's PBS special 'Wishes Fulfilled'

Hi, folks! I'm back from a Memorial Day weekend visit to Orlando and Tampa, Florida to bring you more goodness and motivation from your Wheelchair Philosopher! I thought about posting a full detailed entry about certain personal insights I've had of late. But instead, I decided to post a follow-up to my previous Wayne Dyer post with the PBS incarnation of Wayne's latest book offering Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting. It's a long video, so you may want to take breaks in watching it. Feel free to do so for better absorption of the material. I recommend four sittings. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: To be clear, Dr. Dyer does reference the concept of "being" God. He however does not mean this in an egotistic sense of domination over others and control of them. Rather he references in particular, the Christian religion's New Testament idea of being in Christ and God as an embodiment of God's love and thus, in that particular sense, "being" God by being love as God is love.

Roll on!

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