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Thursday, June 7, 2012

'A-holes don't go out with the disabled': Curb Your Enthusiasm's Season 7 episode 'Denise Handicapped' shows us why they don't

Larry puts "the moves" on Denise... or something.
Photo credit: HBO

If you've ever seen HBO's hit series Curb Your Enthusiasm, you are very aware that the show's writer Larry David (famous for co-writing Seinfeld in the '90s) has  a certain proclivety toward the absurd, the obsessive and a much more straight-forward approach to life's daily happenings then our "PC polite" world would like to have us all behaving. As I had planned to feature this episode in an earlier post, I decided that I would resurrect a post on my rolling reaction to watching an episode of Season 7 entitled "Denise Handicapped."


Larry, who is fairly recently divorced, decides to flirt with and ask out an attractive blonde he meets at a restaurant only have her roll out from her table in her wheelchair.  Not wanting to be a prick, he tells his friend that he cannot possibly "cancel on the handicapped" and a series of seemly well-meaning, yet still very jerky and outright mean "incorrections" commence. (Side note: In the second restaurant scene, Denise receives greatly preferential treatment by the wait staff as well as by actor Ted Danson. This has never happened to me in all my near 30 years as a wheelchair user. Can you say stereotype, boys and girls? Hmmmm.)

Watch the "Denise Handicapped"episode here. (When you get to the page, wait a few seconds and then press the CONTINUE button.) Rated TV-MA/R for ages 17+

Roll on and laugh!

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