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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Help save an orphanage in Haiti

 Dear Bloggers,

My friend Joanndith is raising funds to save her grandma's orphanage in Haiti.

From the Facebook page: 

Les Enfants de Bethanie (The Children of Bethanie) Orphanage was established in 2006 by ASAEDH (Association D’Aide Aux Enfants D’Haiti or Association Helping the Children of Haiti) to provide room & board, and an education for the orphans of Haiti. Too many young children are deprived of the basic human needs such as food, and shelter, let alone the luxury that education is becoming in Haiti.

With the devastation of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, we’ve received requests to take on 1,000+ more children orphaned by this event. Although we have big goals, our resources are few. We now serve close to 60 students and house over a third of them with no outside funding. Our educational staff consists of 9 teachers who give their time and effort to provide these children with a quality education. Unfortunately, due to shortage of funds, we are unable to provide them with regularly/steady pay. Some teachers have gone several months without receiving pay. 

Where your money goes:

$25 - backpack and school supplies for one year for one child
$60 - tuition for one student for one year
$100 - one teacher’s salary for a month
$240 - one year’s worth of 2 nutritious meals a day for one child (also payable in $20/month increments)

For more information or to donate via check or PayPal, go to the new Facebook event for
Les Enfants de Bethanie (The Children of Bethanie) here. Please give whatever is in your heart to give.

Roll charitably.

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