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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Deaf Woman, Sloan Churman hears her voice for the first time

Sloan Churman has spent her whole 29 years of life hearing muffled distortions, reading lips and using hearing aids that never quite did the right trick. But thanks to the new Esteem Implant which apparently uses inner ear vibrations to stimulate the implant and costs upwards of $30,000, has finally allowed her to hear her voice for the very first time!

The video and the tears and happiness it encapsulates so are contagious as one blogger put it, but I can't help but think how I might feel were I to be essentially cured of my Cerebral Palsy. I would very likely weep my tear ducts dry like Mrs. Churman. However, until that day arrives, I am content as I am -- wheelchair or no. I am happy for Sloan Churman -- truly. But for now, I rejoice with her and her loved ones and those millions in the deaf community whose lives will be inevitably changed forever. May they be blessed!

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