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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Wheelchair Philosopher Michael LaPenna is rolling on without the need for Wall Street protests or zoo animal rescues

Would you put this face on your Love List?

As fans of The Wheelchair Philosopher blog may have noted, I've been posting slightly less frequently than the usual five posts per week. And that, my rolling compatriots, is nothing more than a sign that my life has become a bit busier and more bustling than in previous seasons. And while I have yet to occupy Wall Street or chase loose zoo animals in Zanesville, Ohio, not Kansas or Oz, I have doubled my disposable income and applied to several jobs while also beginning a new promotion for which nonetheless does make me shout, "Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!"

For more on what I've been doing when I'm not blogging about current events, promoting or watch Gene Simmons' wedding, shoot me an email at

Roll on!

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