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Monday, January 23, 2012

Getting down to the business of personal development with 'The Dyer Dozen'

Below is a list called "The Dyer Dozen" from Dr. Wayne Dyer's best-selling book, The Power of Intention and his PBS  special of the same name. It is a list of 12 steps designed to bring positive change to the lives of people who struggle in daily life to move past negativity and pain-both actual and imagined.  I have adopted this philosophy in my own life for several years now. 

Over a decade ago, I was searching for myself personally, spiritually, academically and professionally. I knew there was something I had to do, some purpose I had. I also knew beyond any shadow of doubt that i had soulmate. But what I didn't realize is that I was trying too hard, I was forcing the issue as it were. Where I been succeeding in my academic life in junior college studying Communications and Media and then going on to create a screenplay during a hiatus in my studies, I was lonely. Every girl I seemed to like had a boyfriend, smoked or was the type of girl that seemed to look past me or even threw me in the dimly lit, halfhearted ambience of a nightclub. 
Until one day I began to seek spiritually. I gave up going to church and decided to read the Bible on my own. I studied Zen Buddhism, conversed with people and looked inward to what I really wanted for my life. Upon doing these things, I remembered a Zen proverb of the student who asks his teacher, "Master, How do I free my mind?" To which the master replies, "Who put it in restraint?"
With this simple thought I began thinking more positively and grounded myself in what I like to call realistic optimism knowing that while life may not be perfect, no one ever achieved perfection while dwelling on and mulling over all that is wrong all the time. 
Now, where I used to consider myself cursed in relationships, I have a fiancée. Where I used to wonder why I couldn't get a job, I now make more money than I ever have before just by freelancing on my own; and where before I used to wish for things to show up my life,  I  now simply expect them to show up and they seem to manifest without force and with remarkable and regular certainty and purpose.
I have since that time gone back to church and realized the definite parallels between Christianity, Zen and power of intending that which is best in my life. But I'm not here to force you on a particular path to bettering your situation or someone else's, I'm only here to say these are universal principles that work! For it was, after all a certain Jewish carpenter who said, "[B]elieve you have received it and it shall be given you."

The Dyer Dozen
1) Want more for others than you want for yourself. Whatever you perceive to be missing, want that MORE for others and it will automatically come to you as the first recipient.

2) Think from the end. Begin to see yourself surrounded by people and events and things that constitute your perfect life. "Act as if" it has already happened. Because all that you need, you already have.

3) Be an appreciator in your life. Look for that which is valuable rather than worthless. When you depreciate you take value away, when you appreciate, you add value. Make it a point therefore to always add value.

4) Stay in rapport with Source Energy. Constantly reminding you of connection is how Source thinks.

5) Resistance is deviation from the Source. Every thought you have that is different from the Source you originated from is resistance. Fear, anger, shame, depression, can't, won't, shouldn't, are all resistance. Love, happiness, joy, tenderness are all Source inspired. You are what you believe and you will have in your life whatever you believe you can have.

6) Contemplate yourself surrounded by the conditions you want to produce. You are one with Source and can create anything you desire. Source can't be anything other than it is, neither can you. Your base material is the All That Is.

7) Understand the art of allowing. Taking the path of least resistance. Every thought with resistance in it, creates path of least allowing. Are you pulling energy from Source or pushing against the Flow?

8) Practice radical humility. You are not the body or mind you are in. You are not the posessions you have, you are [of] the Divine Source. Come home to your real self and realize that you are no better or worse than anyone else.

9) Stay in a constant state of gratitude: stay in a state of being generous and grateful. Rumi said: "Trade your knowldege for bewilderment" Be in constant awe and wonder at the generosity and beauty of life and be grateful for it.

10) Keep in mind that you can never resolve a problem by condemning it.When you use shame, you are using the lowest energy out in the universe. You can't shame your way into the Source just like no amount of poverty you live in can lift anyone else up out of poverty. Be the example you wish to see in the world.

11) Play the match game - always ask do I match Source in my intention?

12) Meditate: The quiet mind is your way of staying connected to Source. You cannot divide Source/God. Everything else has a polarity/dichotomy except for silence. You cut silence in half and you get more silence. Cut Source in half and you get more Source. You can't divide it. Stay in the Gap.

The above is from Dr. Wayne Dyer's PBS presentation on The Power of Intention.

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