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Monday, January 9, 2012

Photosophical: Dreamchasin' -- is it free?

I saw this on a friend's Facebook and I had to post it. For something to give me such an instantaneous, visceral reaction is a sign that it should be in this blog. After a long hiatus, some work, some play and my 31st birthday, I've come to a resolution in 2012 that I am going to live out my dreams literally --  no matter how small or large.

It's funny what this picture speaks to. The very essence of America we are taught, is individuality, But how many of us are teased as children for not being like the others, being out of fashion, being a bad athlete, or a science nerd? We call someone weird when he or she doesn't follow pop culture. Ask yourself why and then ask yourself: how easy is it to be authentically individual? Do we stand a chance in daily life, friendships, romance, at our jobs? Ask yourself and get back to me at a later time.

You may find in the course of your journey that true individuality is damn hard, arduous even. What if you could go to your job dressed in whatever garb you felt best suited your mood that day? What if you could take your lunch break whenever you wanted? In relationships, what if what you look like didn't matter at all? What if your race, religion, political affiliation, etc. was uniquely yours and no one else's? Or better still, what if all these mattered to the extent that they defined you as a unique fingerprint on the Universe as the evergreen and unduplicated you? If all these things were true, could you handle it?

Think on these things and until next time… Roll on!

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