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Thursday, April 26, 2012

You are not a tree

Source: Steve Warrene's ActiveRain Blog

Often in life, we find reason to complain. "I lost my job!" "My income isn't enough!" "I have a job, but I hate it." "I'm so poor!" And while some or all of these things may be true, in the Western world we have a distinct advantage from other parts of the world. While poverty abjectly maybe all around us, while the economy may have gone to crap, while we may have been born with a disability, a disease, a perceived inferior racial makeup -- there is still a choice of what to do about it.

For many of us who live in a democratic country, we have things available to us that we too often take for granted. For instance though it may not always be the best, we have free K-12 public education,  free public libraries with Internet access, running water, the ability to vote, the ability to think and the ability to decide where we want to go in life. The path may not be paved well and the journey may be difficult. But as the above quotation reminds you, you are not a tree. You are free to change those undesirable things. It may not be easy, and in all likelihood, it won't be. But try anyway, do anyway and fail in order to learn exactly how to succeed. You are not bound by your roots. Yo can move, change positions, go beyond where you stand and you can flourish in many environments! You are not a tree.

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