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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Alice, age 15, writes about her battle with terminal cancer on her 'Bucket List' blog

I found this blog just last night in the Blogspot Blogs of Note. As a guy who is somehow always told how fearless he is, I'd be remiss if I failed to point out that my CP, though taxing at moments, is not even remotely similar or comparable to a terminal illness. But for a young blogger named Alice, that very thing is the source of her inspiration -- a word that my favorite motivational Ph.D Dr. Wayne Dyer reminds me is rooted in the phrase "in spirit." or "God-breathed." I have no doubt that young Alice is living as such with each new day she faces.

 The blog entitled Alice's Bucket List chronicles fifteen-year-old UK native Alice's quest for fun as she battles her way away from death's door to live every day as if it is her last. I was so enraptured by this young woman's story that I've decided to urge you beyond any slight measure of doubt to support her blog as well her spirit. She's fighting a terminal form of cancer that, as she braces to say, is "gaining on her." However, Alice remains ever undaunted and undeterred by her "disease" as she seemingly flies into the winds of adversity like a skydiver gliding and rolling her way through life's many wonders in a sort of magical, gravity-of-the-situation-defying upward pull toward Heaven.

From the blog:
"I'm 15 and I have terminal cancer. I've created a bucket list because there are so many things I still want to do in my life ... some are possible, some will remain a dream. My blog is to document this precious time with my family and friends, doing the things I want to do. You only have one life ... live it!"

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