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Monday, June 13, 2011

Video Sidebar: My disability is a gift! Part 1

People often ask me if I ever get upset that I was born with a "hanicap" or "disability" and I usually tell them that my Cerebral Palsy has blessed me much more than it could ever curse me.

The following video clip is from Dr. Wayne Dyer's 2010 PBS Special Excuses be Gone based on his book of the same title. It illustrates this point of blessedness with a clarity and poignancy which my own words might do a grave injustice. And so, my variously abled friends, this is a the story of Dan Caro: burn "victim" and blessed man. For more information about Dan and Dr. Wayne Dyer visit and To help contribute to your local PBS affiliate and to  help educate millions of people through public television, go to

...Roll on!

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