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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Is having a disability in any way like being gay?

In light of the recent landmark decision to legalize same-sex marriage in my home state of New York, I decided to repost an except from an older blog with a few modifications to the wording. Please feel at home to leave your opinions. Please be civil.
...Proponents of [same-sex marriage] argue simple equality under the law while opponents declare gay marriage to be an idea inconsistent with the unique, male- to-female complementary relationship that exists by nature.
I have struggled in my own mind with this topic, as I have gay friends, both religious and secular, with whom I cannot dare to imply that I oppose their individual happiness. As a recently engaged man, I cannot imagine being told that my love for my wife-to-be is somehow invalid because someone else entirely detached from our intimate bond, (a bond both of us feel was gifted to us [by God], has declared it un-Godly by its very existence. Still, I readily identify and adhere to the notion that homosexuality is non-functional scientifically and procreativity and is simply incompatible with God's and/or nature's ideal in a similar way as that of my own Cerebral Palsy. Ideally, I should walk, and yet I cannot. I am logically the non-ideal of nature's design -- and yet I remain as unique as anything else in God's creation.... Homosexuality in its inability to produce life is therefore seen as an "affective disorder" likened to a kind of sexual disability. 

There is {also] the point that while male-female relations create life and prolong humanity, homosexual relations do not.  Yet to my thinking, this arguement is similar to saying that because I use a wheelchair, I am unfit to raise children because I cannot draw from the emotions, tendencies and experiences of able-bodied people.  (Original source:

Readers, what do you think? Are there any similarities between disability and certain sexual orientations?

Roll on!

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