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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Visualize what you want as if it is already here

Canadian Hip Hop superstar and actor Wes "Maestro" Williams' recent motivational "vision"

As someone who, as it seems to me, is sometimes seen as an inspiration to the uninformed about disability for my positivity (as if I should be in a closet or a cage in some remote outer province of Transylvania), I thought I'd take some of that insight and put it to use here. I recently started a journal of my goals which I call a "vision book" after reading about the idea in rapper and actor Wes Williams' book Stick to Your Vision. It's a simple concept really. It's all about writing down (or recording) your goals. But my and many others' preferred method is to do this in the present tense as if the events have already happened. I started doing this after picturing and having general faith that certain financial things have come to pass -- and they have I have nearly closed deals in less than two weeks that would almost equal my past monthly Social Security/disability checks.

Here's an exercise:

Instead of writing in your journal:" I want $20,000 so that I can pay off my student loan, and catch up on my bills."

Write something like this: "I'm making $5,000.00 a month a (Write the .00 to help you picture a check with that amount written on it.) and I'm well on my way to financial freedom!"

If you're asking, "Why the @&*! would just saying something make it happen?" You'd be smart to ask that question. But the real answer is that besides the fact that many religions and cultures teach the practice of unwavering faith as when Jesus says in Mark 11:24 that we should believe that we have received it and it shall be given to us, doing this  MOTIVATES YOU LIKE CRAZY! Your thoughts affect all aspects of your life -- think about it. When you're in a positive mindset, you have more energy, you have better health and you now have focus to do exactly what you need to do. You'll also find that your mind, if driven by what I like to call "positive pressure," can come up with ways to make it happen!

Try it out. It will work!

Roll on!

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