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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Do our limitations define us just as much as our abilities?

The quotation above might seem ironic or what intellectuals refer to as a paradox: two opposites existing simultaneously but seeming to be a scientific impossibility like doing more things in less time or "pre-boarding" an airplane. (How exactly does one get on the plane before he or she gets on the plane?) But alas, these are the breaks and shakes life often grants us.

I often think of how many things, situations, etc. are made ever the more meaningful by even the slightest adversity. Say for instance sports were easy. Would we still play them? If the New York Yankees really did literally "win all the time" oh how boring that would be -- or at very least the other team would want to jump into a jagged Nintendo-esque, spike-filled canyon. But I digress. The more practical point: any lack forces one to look harder for that "other means." I can't drive to work, but I can work from home. There are those who cannot with any stretch of normal range sing, but they may be superlative poets and rappers. (God knows Bob Dylan made a golden goose out of whining and baahing  like a fatigued horned beast at a drawbridge in Narnia.)  And when the Japanese were left without scissors, origami was perfected.  Let's be honest, if had never had Cerebral Palsy, I would never have become the wheelchair philosopher that you barely know but really want to like.

Today's moral: find out what you suck at and do the opposite (or suck in a really grandiose, ebullient, illuminating, verve-filled, pointed yet virilely capricious way -- and get a dictionary for reading this blog. :)) 

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