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Friday, July 8, 2011

Forget walking, gimmie a space suit!

Could this be what the future of space travel holds? My original artwork: Magic Carpet Vortex.

Today was the end of a cosmological era.The now decades old Space Shuttle Atlantis "blasted off real big" (as New York DJ Funk Master Flex would say) and alas, NASA and nerds of the Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek and Star Wars ilk will have to endure until we as a planetary collective aim to party  it up on an asteroid in the Dagobah system.

Yes, our quest to perfect ear thermometers, (We invented  them after using similar tech on one of the shuttles.) tang and whatever else the spirit of  Billy Mays has left inside the nearest reaches of our space station(s) to OxiClean astronauts' suits or -- at the very least-- to serve the voyagers tiny delicious burgers -- well, that's all over. Instead, the fine folks who inspired ET to be made are reaching the point in their careers in which Asteroids is no longer most known for being an  Atari game from '81, but an actual destination to be sought after for exploration and descovery of... new uses for penicillin... or why garlic bread is so addictive.

Being at the 1983 shuttle launch is one of the few memories I have of being two years old. It was a good one. The engines rumbled and I saw a rocket fly... I think. But regardless of when it happens next, if I hit the million dollar jackpot with my career, I just might have to take up Sir Richard Branson's idea of a trip to space for my spring break with the wife and kids. Until then, I will try really hard to think of being able to walk without crutches or a walker as being entirely as big a freakin' deal is as hangin' with the wife and Brooke Burke Dancing with the Stars quite literally in zero gravity. Until then....roll on!

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