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Friday, July 29, 2011

I say, Bradley Cooper, Kindles and iPads are much more 'limitless' and handicapped accessible than laptops!

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In light of a certain movie that was just released on DVD this month, I have had a Wheelchair Philosopher epiphany: is it just me or do the smaller Kindles and iPads of our modern Universe seem better suited for people with fine motor impairments than traditional laptop computers? As a guy who has never used a wheelchair tray or a cup holder --two things I probably could really use for just about every day of my life-- the bigger buttons and touch screens on the large tablet devices are just that much easier to do the "hold with one hand and type with the other" shtick -- you just can't do that with a Macbook no matter how bedazzling and beguiling its functions and number of Gs -- even if it could video conference with the Good Lord or something. A laptop will fall off a wheelchair user's lap faster than a squirmy four-year-old on Fun Drip. Plus, don't we all feel more "able-bodied" and limitless, disability or  no, when we can do stuff one- handed? I do declare I think so.

Am I crazy? Do you find Kindles, iPads and tablet devices easier to use when dealing with certain disabilities? Let me know.

Until then... roll yo' self fool!

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