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Monday, September 19, 2011

Rolling Philanthropy: makes clicking for 'change' free and painless

“Yesterday is gone.
Tomorrow has yet to come.
We have only today.
Let us begin.”

Mother Teresa

Like the above quotation from the late Mother Teresa suggests, today is the only guaranteed time a person has to impact his or her surroundings. One small way that I have found to do this very bliss-inducing thing  is through sponsored click-to-give charity. The idea is simple: click on a link and a sponsor pledges a certain amount of money.  My website of choice in the matter is the wonderful is a central database of dozens of click-to give charity sites stretching to all corners of this big, beautiful globe free of charge! I have been using the site and giving for free for over a year and thanks the good fellows and ladies at CleanBreath, I have been able to give, amazing as it may seem, to around 20 charities per day!

So if you like  giving back but you don't have the deepest of pockets, or the economy has eaten them alive to oblivion, do yourself a favor and mosey over to and change the world by giving the world some change... one click at a time.

Roll on!

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