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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wheelchair Philanthropy: Pay for your child's college education with a painting

1st Birthday by David Poyant

My client David Poyant is a fine arts painter with a very special mission. Fund children's college educations with the sales of his paintings. David got the idea after deciding that he wanted to help his own family pay for their kids' college expenses. He is now hoping to send what he calls a "magic 200" children to college with his artwork. The program now running by Incentives Fundraising at is quite simple. Each painting sold is tracked by a chosen student ID number. For each item sold with the corresponding ID number, that child is given a minimum of $31.00 (as of the current lowest price).

David explains his selling point and premise simply:

 "Affordable, custom made just for you. Your painting will be capturing a special moment in your life. You provide me with a photo and I will turn it into a work of art."    - David Poyant

Keith and Ann by David Poyant

I urge all my readers to participate in this wonderful cause if not for your own child, for someone you love. You'll be so thankful you did!

Find out more at

For more on David and his paintings go to and today.

  You can follow David Poyant on Twitter @dppaintings.

Roll on... the paint.

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