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Friday, February 24, 2012

Disabled Bolivians clash with riot police

I have very little to say to this that has not already been said by the people in the video. I have actually heard about the mistreatment of those with disabilities in many countries (Including the horrid practice of putting disabled family members under the floorboards of one's house because of a cultural stigma that says, "God has punished us with a disabled child."And so in many cultures like in the video, the rights of those living with (and not dying of) disabilities, continues to be a struggle.

As I also have to fight occasionally for handicapped access in public forums (Even with the current legal protections in the U.S., I find the occasional gaping hole in transportation to a job, a broken elevator in a train station that doesn't ever seem to get repaired quickly enough, etc.) But mine are apparently least when compared to many of the world's people who live with physical disabilities and put along side those of the Bolivian people shown here.

So as a bit of a karmic service to these people, I ask that you show extreme kindness to those like the people here who may have a hardship of any kind -- plain and unfettered kindness is all any person every really wants mostly. And of course in doing this, I ask that you roll strong and... roll on!

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