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Friday, February 10, 2012

Republican Rep. Maureen Walsh chokes up at a gay marriage debate in Washington D.C.

In this clip related to the same-sex marriage debate, Republican Congresswoman Maureen Walsh of Washington State gives a heartfelt and emotional plea to her contemporaries in the matter of the right  of personal freedom of choice regarding whom an individual loves and the way he or she expresses that love.

I invite you to examine your conscience and ask yourself: Does anyone have the right to make personal decisions for you-- especially if those decisions are consensual with another person? Should another person's beliefs about your personal decisions be able to block or lessen your ability to make them? Should anyone, for instance, in a church or political party you don't belong to, (or even those you do belong to) have any right to deny you the right to be married outside of your church or political party? The answer is very likely easy for you to figure out no matter where your stand on this issue.

Now I ask you to watch this video and decide for yourself if the Congresswoman's stance is compatible with your beliefs in your personal freedom and as always, I invite you to… roll on!

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