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Saturday, February 4, 2012

HBO's new documentary miniseries showcases the near-perfect skills go a man with an imperfect illness

HBO's new documentary miniseries On Freddie Roach explores the mind and myth behind the man behind the man who in under ten years' time has taken the boxing world to new plateaus Manny Pacquiao-a man who has conquered seven weight classes and even more world titles. But alongside "Pac-Man" is is Freddie Roach who with over 200 lifetime fights has taken his boxing IQ into the history books and his brain into a daily head-to-head battle with Parkinson's disease.

This series takes the viewer into the mind of Roach. The epic and the average in Freddie show up unapologetic at once. He is frail, but focused, finicky, but, as viewers are granted a unique look at his training style and his home life. a more tender side creeps out of the man.  From stories of his father's abuse of him and his brothers as well as his mother to an interesting dynamic between Roach and his fighters such as Amir Khan and, of course the Filipino firecracker that is Manny Pacquiao.

HBO is currently running the first two episodes on its on-demand channel. Don't miss this unique look into the life of the man voted Trainer of the Year by boxing's elite on several occasions as told behind the quiet yet powerful backdrop of a disability.

On Freddie Roach airs Fridays at 9:30 pm Eastern/6:30 pm Pacific on HBO.

Until then... roll on!

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