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Thursday, February 9, 2012

What you really, really, really, really want or do not want, you get

Have you ever wished that you could make or do something with the thoughts that you think in a single moment? Well, as you'll see in this video, there are certain ways of being in terms of a state of mind that can help manifest very often the desires of our hearts. While religion has taught many of us that with faith we will get the desires of our hearts, most of us feel intuitively that we can't just wish ourselves successful or rich or confident. But as Dr. Wayne Dyer posits, it might be possible if we would, as the apostle Paul would say, set our minds on the things above. If you watch this video clip, you may notice that these techniques seem to be common sense. They are.

Until the next post, my good fellows and ladies… I bid you roll on!

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