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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dr. Wayne Dyer speaks on the meaning of Illness and healing

The following interview was conducted after Dr. Wayne Dyer had received controversial alternative treatment for and healing of his leukemia by John of God. He speaks of his belief that illness may often be the body's way of healing itself and that how we react to that illness often has a direct effect and result that we ourselves help to create. Also Dr. Dyer speaks to a controversial idea that our highest selves are completely aligned with God. He quotes Jesus in the Gospel of John when Jesus was about the stoned for blasphemy. Jesus replies with a statement that troubles many Christians: "Is it not written in your law that I said said you are gods?" (John 10-34-36 referring to Psalm 82's granting authority to make rulings on God's behalf) While clearly it can be assumed that Jesus probably didn't suggest that we are each the sole ruler of the Universe, but to say that we are vehicles and vessels for God to do His work when we are tuned in to His will and in these moments where we are exactly aligned with God, we are "gods" having authority (in that we take on God-same traits) so to speak, and that in these moments, our will and the will of God are one will.

Until next time, I hope that you find this video inspiring, no matter your beliefs or lack thereof and that you continue with purpose and meaning to… roll on!

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