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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Will Smith speaks on how to live your dreams every day

Will Smith speaks to achieving your goals in this near ten minute video of various interview clips from YouTube.

I believe what Will says with every fiber of who I am. I believe that every thought we has human beings think is a physical reality and electrochemical impulse and reaction in the brain that when focused upon can motivate any human being to any level of expertise, success etc. if you saw in the video, if you were really paying attention, you noticed Will speaking of things, ideas, inventions and such being unrealistic in their time.

Those of us 30 years or older remember a time before the Internet. There was a time when every letter sent was  handwritten or typewritten and mailed to a physical address over many miles. Penpals as we called them, would write letters over a number weeks, months and  even years to people whom they might never have met or someone they had met only once or a handful of times and it would take weeks for say, a person in the Philippines to correspond with the person in New York as letters, cards and gifts may have taken several weeks to arrive at the receiver's home. Yet today, we have email, Facebook, text messaging--all of which would have been considered voodoo to someone living in the 70s. Yet we do have all of these because somebody  first thought of these being possible.

You have to believe that everything you dream is possible or why are you dreaming? You must believe the "delusion" as Will Smith so pointedly called it. The Wright brothers had to believe that man could fly. Mark Zuckerberg had to believe that Facebook was something people wanted before he could make it happen. Steve Jobs had to believe that our music, movies, documents, etc. (and he had to believe after being fired from the company he started in his 30s and try and retry ideas into his 40s and 50s). He had to have faith enough to believe that all this could be stored together in a virtual space no bigger than the size of a sticky notepad. They each believed and therefore they saw it, whatever it was as fact and could not be dissuaded.

In life there's often so much to dissuade us--news, tragedy, negative people and even our parents may tell us we can't do something--and while those people might be right in many cases, there are still so many cases in which they couldn't have been more wrong. Einstein was dyslexic. Michael Jordan was cut from his junior high basketball team and Babe Ruth, home run king, also led his league in strikeouts for a long time. And finally my own life, The woman who was my student aide when I was 13 went back to school in middle age and began  the bulk of her teaching career in her 50s, and, as I have stated in previous writings, in my personal life, I spent many years single  until I adopted this philosophy myself and within two years I found my fiancĂ©e.

So I say believe. Believe when no one else believes. You are the only one has to and and you are the only one  with whom your dream lives and dies with in many cases. And while you may have flaws, may not be as talented as the person next to you, you may not have as seasoned a resume or be as good looking. But when you know who you are, the flaws, the talents, habits bad and good, I believe as Will Smith does, that destiny moves toward all of us in such moments. 

May you have these moments continually and may you continue to roll on!

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